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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

momentary lapse of sanity

"A mysterious smell wafted thru the office on the arctic waves of the air conditioner. Carried over the tops of cubes, past whirring copy machines and jammed printers, and up to Lacy's nose. 'Burned popcorn,' she announced to no one in particular with that peculier alacrity of judgement she posessed when it came to the distinction of mysterious smells."

Friday, April 23, 2004

French Phrase of the Day

The phrase on my French calendar today is "Il s'est jete dans la gueule du loup."

Which translates to : "He threw himself into the wolf's jaws."

And I'm wondering to myself, when would one ever need such a phrase?

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

new food blog by lacy and allison

Hello everyone!

Cold Turkeys is my new food blog - a joint venture with Allison enterprises. Just kidding! Actually, it's just a place for us both to vent about that mother of all life complicators -- food!

Just check it out, I think you'll get the picture.


Friday, April 16, 2004


At my church every Sunday, the choir gets to go up to the altar first for communion. The choirmaster goes ahead even of us, and when he gets back, he sits at the piano and starts playing the communion music. He told me once that he was hired at one of his first choir direction jobs for a Lutheran church because he used to be a Baptist song leader. So, he sits at the piano and does what he does best: he starts playing communion songs that are only one or two bars long repeated over and over again, with quite a bit of improvisation in the accompaniment between verses.

At the altar rail, my fellow choristers and I join in with his strong mellow baritone (as I mentioned, these songs are not hard) and the congregation joins in as well. But a most magical and wonderful thing happens as we are filing back to our seats.

The first back are the sopranos, myself included, and as we take our seats, the melody grows slowly and sweetly stronger. Next come the altos. One by one, the add their lovely rich harmony to our voices.

“In the sweet (in the sweet) by and by (by and by)…”

Then come the tenors. We have a very strong tenor section and they revel in complex and complementary harmonies, sometimes even making up their own. By this time, the sound has swelled greatly from its humble beginnings. The congregation are making their way up to the altar, and a few are still singing along, but we, the choir, have most certainly taken over the music making by this point.

“Eat this bread, drink this cup. Come to me and never be hungry!”

Finally, the basses join us. We only have two, but they valiantly anchor us to the root of the chord and the sound becomes complete. It’s an amazing thing that hymns as simple as the ones we sing can be as deep and rich and complex both in musicality and in meaning as these hymns are. And the sound is immense. Our voices thrill and swell effortlessly with the Baptist piano stylings of our fearless leader. We decrescendo tenderly to the last note.

It’s a marvelous ritual, and I’ve never before quite felt its like.

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Allison says:
I feel a little sick. My stomach is flip flopping and I'm not enjoying it

Lacy says:
Is it because of a certian person?

Lacy says:
Being in love always makes me feel like I'm on a roller coaster.

Lacy says:
Literally, not in an emotional way.

Lacy says:
Except that I get really emotional on roller coasters.

Lacy says:
Literal ones.

Allison says:
Ha. I don't know what's going on. I didn't eat much lunch, so that among other things.

Allison says:
Things, people, whatever

Lacy says:

Lacy says:
I'm so happy for you!

Lacy says:
Falling in love is so much fun.

Lacy says:
I love that little thrill you get at every little thing.

Lacy says:
every touch is like electricity!

Lacy says:
every word is laced with meaning

Lacy says:
every smile, every glance, every expression burned in your memory.

Lacy says:
I remember, on probably my third date with Brandon, we were at an art museaum, and we were standing close together, looking at a painting, and our shoulders brushed together, and I swear, it was so SEXY and exhillerating! I still remember it two years later.

Lacy says:
And it was NOTHING.

Lacy says:
But it was EVERYTHING.

Allison says:

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

i just liked this letter

Dear FlyLady,

You have reminded me of a very important lesson which I have sought
to learn for a good many years. You see, I've been sober in AA for
21 years. Yes, I had the bad childhood, the bad marriage-s, etc.
What I didn't have was responsibility for myself. In the process of
trying to learn that, I attracted some awesome teachers into my
life. One of those teachers was a dear old-timer in AA and devoted
seeker of God in all forms. He taught me that we don't rise up from
the pits of dispair by our own efforts and struggles to clammer and
climb. We rise up by lightening our load so that those who love and
care about us can lift us up.

Yesterday, God gave me a tickle and a goose that has me giggling
still. I love hats. I use to wear them a lot, but with diminished
self-esteem and the way too many pounds that came along, I began to
dislike the attention they drew. I let my hats go away. So with
your urging I've been throwing out junk, giving away some things of
joy, consigning the good stuff, and donating everything in between.
I was making one of those donation runs yesterday. Well, being a
silly-nilly, I asked the donation lady if I could please keep my
box. I've been getting rid of so much stuff that I have a hard time
getting enough boxes.

So while I was waiting for her to come back, up walks a man with a
bag and a huge round box. I didn't even think about self-esteem or
being shy, I just asked him, "Is that a HAT box?" He said, "Yes, and
there are some hats in it." Without even thinking, I answered, "Oh
my God! I love hats!" He said, "You can have them. I donate here
all the time. I'm sure they won't mind." I said, "I donate here all
the time, too, but I couldn't." Just then the donation lady returned
with my empty box, and I turned to her asked, "... could I?" She
said, "Sure honey, go on! Enjoy your new hats!" Well, Marla, I just
about cried. I drove off with my huge hat box, and I pulled over
into a parking lot down the street. I just had to look in it. They
are two magnificent Bergdorf-Goodman wide brim hats. I am not a
small person at all, and all the small hats out these days look silly
sitting on top of my head. These hats fit me - they fit my outsides
and they fit my insides. I giggled! I cried! I felt -- frivilous --
in the most glorious sort of way. With a husband and two small
children, frivolity is just not in my lexicon. Both my boys and my
husband said they look wonderful with my red hair. With a house full
of males, this is something totally completely for me!

I had the feeling that God was just giggling right along with me. I
remember one of those old-timers telling me to bow down before
God ... not as one subservient or fearful or even obedient ... but
bow down as a child who has lowered her head and closed her eyes
knowing with all her heart that when she opens them she will see a
big, beautiful surprise ... all the riches and all the bounty that
her endlessly loving Father can bestow upon her. And hats, too!

I so dearly love this work you do. Thank you.

Flying in FL