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Monday, April 16, 2007

Boulder market

What a great weekend we had! The weather was gorgeous (sorry to anyone in the Northeast!), and on Saturday we went to the Boulder Farmer's Market. Apparently, that is like the hot spot of the world up here, because I saw one co-worker and his wife and found out today that another co-worker was there as well! (Note to self: remember not to look like crap when going to the farmer's market!)

It was really fun, with all kinds of cool booths. Not a whole lot of produce yet, but we did end up buying some salad greens, carrots, a parsnip, some fresh mushrooms, some goat cheese, and some peanut butter! Lurrrrrvely.

After stowing our purchases, we took a nice walk along Boulder Creek, which runs right through the middle of town. We were hungry when we got back, so we went to the prepared foods area and got lunch! Such cool stuff. Brandon had an ENORMOUS gyro very drippy with yogurt sauce, and I had chicken and veggie dumplings in a soy ginger sauce that were AMAZING. We shared a fresh lemonade and sat on the grass in the sun to eat. That's when we saw the "Step It Up" National Climate Action Day parade go by, complete with a polar bear in water wings! :( There were people from the Sierra Club and lots of other eco-action groups set up to talk to you about changes you can make. (We felt smug, knowing all our power now comes from the wind — we recently switched over through our electric company for only a dollar more per 100 kw hours!)

I thought the other very cool thing about the Market is that it's designated a "trash-free zone" — instead of trash cans, they have receptacles for compostables and recyclables. No trash! Very cool.


Our patio container garden is doing quite well. We lost a couple of lettuce plants due to... well, we're not sure why, but the others are thriving. We've transplanted a zucchini seedling to its own pot and have nasturtiums and sweet peas in a second pot. And the raspberry bush has started to put out leaves. Hooray!

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