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Sunday, March 23, 2008


On Thursday of this week, we got home and found a note from our landlady, saying that she hoped we'd gotten her voice message (we hadn't) saying that she was coming by to show our condo to a prospective buyer.

This was not good for two reasons: first, just last weekend we decided that we probably need another year to save up for a house and so we decided to see if they would let us go month-to-month or sign another year lease for this condo in June; and second, the house was not tidy. I was embarrassed.

Cue unhappy speculation.

Brandon called the landlady back on Friday (giving her our new cell phone numbers and reminding her that we DO have a home phone) and found out that the owner just doesn't want to keep the condo any more. The landlady assured us that they would not kick us out before our lease is up in June, even if they find a buyer. She also said that she would check with the owner to see if he'd like to let us sign another year lease, but warned that if we do, we can't break the lease mid-way through the year unless we pay the FULL amount for the entire year. Ouch.

So. We are again in a kind of limbo. Hopefully we will hear back from the landlady next week about whether or not the owner wants to sign another year lease. If yes, we are probably STUCK here for at least another 15 months, regardless of what the housing market does. On the other hand, if he really does just want to sell, we have less than three months to find a new place to live, and we are not keen on apartment living.

As I said to friend Hannah last night, I just don't feel NEARLY adult enough to be taking on these kinds of conundrums.


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