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Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Oh my god, my college is so pretentious!

I just got an email about homecoming, and this is what it says:

“What is 4D? Well, in art-school parlance, 4D is time-based creation: video, sound, performance, telenetics — 4D art does not keep still. What does this have to do with Homecoming @ CSF? Well, there are four distinct groups involved: alumni, students, family and founders. And 4D is the space-time continuum — moving into the future without leaving the past behind. 4D transcends the individual. 4D is about all of us.”

Then? THEN? There’s a list of events, which includes Quadstock featuring Devotchka (an Eastern European band, which couldn’t be more painfully indie if they tried).

And then they talk about a fun run with the P-Dogs. That’s right. They shortened our already terrible mascot, the Prairie Dogs, to the even more terrible P-Dogs.

I think I just died a little bit of horror.

(What the heck is telenetics, anyway?)

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Anonymous said...

You should send that in to the school!