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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

In the Deep Midwinter

We have about six inches of snow on the ground that came down on Sunday and has not melted one whit since then, because the temperatures have been below freezing. Our high today is finally supposed to reach 32. You know you've been living in the cold too long when you consider that 32 might be fine weather for taking the dog for a walk.

The dog, who has been cooped up inside except to do her business for the past four days, is pretty much ready to burst with energy. I just let her out, and I'm watching her do laps around the yard at top speed. She absolutely loves snow. She consumes a relatively large quantity every time she goes outside. But the temperatures have been too cold, even for her, up until today.

Oops... She wants to be let in...

Working from home is going pretty well so far. I love the freedom it gives me. Last Friday, I baked two loaves of banana bread for weekend breakfasts. Today, I have a pot of steel-cut oats baking in the oven and I made myself a single serving of French toast with sliced pears for breakfast with a decaf hazelnut (mock) latte on the side. We're still working out the kinks in terms of when I go into the office; I need to try to impress upon them that we should consolidate my visits as much as possible (as it takes half an hour either direction to get there).

Oh good. Now Bella is barking at the box by the front door that arrived yesterday. It's a box of baby wipes from They were such a good deal, I couldn't resist, even if there is no baby yet to wipe...

We also got our crib mattress this week, so things are starting to look more and more put-together in the nursery. Last week we bought a car seat that goes with our stroller (we found the stroller for less than half price at a consignment store around Thanksgiving). Coupons and special offers combined to make it seem like the time to buy.

Next on our list: a glider and a changing table/dresser. We decided that, with almost $200 in shipping charges, the dresser from JC Penny that matches our crib was too expensive, so now we're looking for a more economical option. We've found one online at Babies R Us that, even with shipping costs, is about $200, so that's probably our best choice.

I want to know why they make all the gliders so low to the ground? I have trouble getting in and out of them now, even without trying desperately not to wake the sleeping baby in my arms.

We'll be driving to Dallas in about two weeks for Gray's Christening and my baby shower. Expect photos, I'm sure!

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Wendy said...

So glad to see your posts when I look and fun to have the count down to BBBean!