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Monday, January 23, 2006


1. There is a bit in "The Secret Garden" when Mary's Yorkshire maid tries to explain to her what "wuthering" is.

Today, the wind is wuthering in Southern California. It has been wuthering all night. It has knocked over all of our potted plants and quite a few tree branches, and I am more than a little nervous about going to work in my 11th floor office.

2. Our cat has discovered that there is a little cave created by the table cloth over the little end table we have the phone on. She has also discovered that that is where I stowed a roll of bubble wrap. She has made a bubble wrap nest. It's actually quite adorable.

3. We went to KFC for chicken strips last night, and they were out of chicken. How does KFC RUN OUT of chicken? (They had strips, but no Original Recipe chicken pieces, and they were asking people to wait 45 MINUTES to fill their orders. Sheesh!)

4. On The West Wing last night, a nuclear reactor between my house and San Diego went into meltdown, and, watching the show, I realized that if there ever were a disaster like that out here, we would be toast, because we would not be able to evacuate. You think the traffic jam on the 35 was bad before Rita? Imagine trying to get all of Southern California to go somewhere. It simply wouldn't happen.

Yet another reason to move ASAP.

5. A dear friend of mine goes in for tests today to see if she has to have surgery to find out if she has endimetriosis. Prayers are appreciated.

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