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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

bicycle! bicycle!

*singing* I want to ride my BICYCLE!!!

Guess what?

Santa brought me a bicycle. (Actually, he brought me a pair of streamers for the handlebars and a Target gift card that said, "Can't you tell I'm a bicycle??") And Brandon and I went and picked them out yesterday. (I told Brandon that he had to get one too, because it wasn't NEARLY as much fun if we didn't both have bikes.)

I got the same exact model that was stolen a few months ago, and Brandon decided to go with a slightly different model. I'm so excited! And now I can't wait for the long, lazy days of summer when we can take our bikes to the beach and ride. That may, quite possibly, be the ONLY thing I will truly miss when we move away from here.

In other news: we're keeping the bikes in the house for now until Brandon can buy the strongest bike locks available and possibly even hook up a car alarm. We shall see.

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