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Thursday, June 15, 2006

duck and potato

The saga of the sick kitty continues. Yesterday we took Cleo back to the hospital because she had started vomiting again and wasn't eating or drinking. We knew it was serious when, rather than being her crazy, hellacious public self, she was docile and quiet. When we weighed her, she came in at 7.6 pounds -- TWO POUNDS lighter than only a week ago.

Not good.

According to the docs, it was probably the inflammatory bowel disease flaring up again. They got her on IV fluids and gave her some prednizone and when we visited her yesterday, we actually coaxed her to eat a little.

Apparently she is eating and drinking well today, and we will be able to take her home, although we now get to add a steroid to her medication schedule and buy her fancy, expensive, hypo-allergenic "duck and potato" cat food.

She's going to be eating better than we do!

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