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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

kitty update

Cleo came through surgery fine. They did not find any foreign bodies in her intestines, which is a very very good thing. They took "a bunch" of biopsies of her kidney and, I expect, her intestines to see what's going on with the kidney and make sure nothing else is wrong. Unfortunately, since they had to check out the intestines to make sure nothing was in there, she has a "zipper incision," which I'm assuming means that it's about three or four inches long. That's pretty big for a 10 pound kitty.

They told us that she was hissing and fighting pretty good when she came out of the anesthesia yesterday, but that now she's curled up in the back of her cage. She's still on an IV, so she hasn't eaten anything on her own yet, but they will try to give her some food later today. They're going to keep her until at least tomorrow, and we won't know the results of the biopsies for three or four days.

She's on antibiotics and pain killers and she'll have to wear a cone for a while. I'm sure she just loves that.

We're going to go visit her tonight, although I'm not entirely sure that she will be happy to see us. The doctors suggested we bring some food and maybe a toy -- something familiar.

My poor baby. =(

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