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Sunday, July 09, 2006

six reasons I am done with California

  1. Yesterday, the Mister and I decided to go to a mall to have some dinner and walk around and shop a little. The parking garages at the newer malls out here have little counters that tell you how many available spaces there are on each level. The parking garage was ENTIRELY full except for the roof which had 17 spaces available -- at 5:00 on a Saturday afternoon.
  2. We went to P.F. Chang's and were told that it would be a 45 minute wait, but we waited it out because it would have been at LEAST that long at any restaurant in town, including Denny's and McDonalds.
  3. Pirates of the Caribbean was started showing at 6am and was sold out all day on four screens at the 21 plex, and the lines for people waiting to get into the theater were ridiculously long.
  4. I waited almost 15 minutes for a dressing room to try on a green dress.
  5. We ended up sitting in "traffic" in the parking garage for -- quite literally -- more than half an hour when we were trying to leave, and witnessed people doing the most asinine, ridiculous, dangerous things I have ever witnessed in a parking garage.
  6. It has been HOT here. And this is not "Oh! It's 85! It's so HOT!" No, no. This is 96 degrees and three thousand percent humidity hot.

And frankly, if the weather isn't going to be gorgeous all the time, then why the HELL would ANYONE want to live here? No one here understands my pain. They think this sort of overcrowding is normal, the poor sods. They've been brain washed by the Gubinator.

Also, 6a. The Orange County Fair started on Friday, which is about two or three miles from our house, which means that for the next three weeks, the traffic on the freeways near our house is going to be ABYSMAL. Joy.

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