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Thursday, February 15, 2007

all you need is love

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone who observes.

I celebrated the day by driving to work in a snow storm, fighting the urge to eat ALL the Hershey's kisses in the break room, and then driving home in even heavier snow. When it snows, my 15-mile commute takes up to an hour, so it's big fun, as you can imagine.

But that wasn't all I did. I also got up early and made brownies from scratch at 6:30, and then, when I got home from work, cooked a nice dinner for my hubby -- with home made brownies for dessert. I also drank 1.5 glasses of a very nice champagne and watched an episode of Dr. Who that the Husband spend FIVE DAYS downloading (it wasn't entirely our dial-up's fault; he went to a coffee shop with free hi-speed and it went just as slow, so it was the connection on the other end that was the problem). We decided to make each other gifts this year. I'm making him an afghan, but it's taking a lot longer than I thought it would.

But! Thanks to our lovely and generous parents, we will also be able to treat ourselves to a nice date this weekend. Thank you, parents!

I'm kind of glad we didn't buy into the hoopla this year. We made cards for each other and for our families, we made our gifts, and we made our nice dinner, and it was really lovely. And really, who needs a special occasion to say, "I love you?" Just last week, I came home to find those very words taped to the hanging ball in the garage that I use to tell me where to park, and it was way more special than any store-bought card or dozen roses could ever have been.

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