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Friday, February 02, 2007

the wind chill was forty-below overnight...

I would like you to stop whatever you're doing for the moment. Close your eyes. (OK, that was silly, you can't read a blog and close your eyes at the same time...)

Now, imagine what a wind chill factor of thirty degrees below zero feels like.

I can tell you exactly what it feels like, because I was out in it this morning. I will tell you that things that are electronic, like garage door keypads, do not function in that kind of cold. That's right: I couldn't get my car out of the garage this morning, because the door would not open. I had to go back upstairs and trade keys with the Husband and take his car.

The liquid crystals in his radio display were frozen. I kid you not, people. I am lucky we have new cars/batteries that the thing would start at all.

Imagine now, if you will, your illustrious host (me), ankle deep in snow drifts, bundled up as much as possible, brushing three inches of snow off of the Husband's car. Imagine me, then, getting into the car and having to sit on my hands for at least two or three minutes to stop the terrible pain from the cold.

Lesson? Thicker gloves.

Now, stretch your minds a little further and picture the little silver Scion going 7-15 mph on the highway which has not yet been plowed, along with all the other morning traffic. Imagine her going 15 mph for an hour -- even I can do the math to tell you that's how long it takes to travel the 15 miles from our house to my work. Imagine me being half an hour late to work.

Good times.

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