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Monday, July 21, 2008

My Favorite Fanboy Fruitcake

I really enjoyed this article about the influences of Hamlet on Dr. Who (and vice versa, considering David Tennant is set to open as Hamlet this week).

Unlike any actor who has preceded him in the role of the Doctor or the Prince of Denmark, David Tennant is both an accomplished Shakespearean (he has often turned out for the RSC) and a complete and utter Doctor Who fanboy fruitcake.


The Stratford production's swift sell-out suggests that the audience is anticipating a rare kind of cultural twofer: Shakespeare's most celebrated hero, performed by the actor who now gives life to television's most celebrated hero. And in the case of both parts, it's hard to be unaware that you are watching only the latest of a long line of interpreters. New Doctors must overwhelm or accommodate the shades of William Hartnell and Tom Baker just as new Hamlets must compete with the ghosts of Olivier, Gielgud and David Warner. Tennant has already performed one successful act of exorcism. He seems destined to complete a second.

If anyone were interested in procuring me a ticket to Stratford on Avon and a ticket to the show, I think it might very well cause me to expire from joy. But don't let that stop you. ;)

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