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Monday, July 14, 2008


From Mom:

After 40 years, playground equipment at Heights Park in Richardson to be removed

Thought you might be interested in the article from DMN…Our HOA went to bat for the Rocket ship and such to be sure they were turned into sculpture and remain in the park. I have this vivid memory, Lacy, of your being in the TOP of the Rocket ship, unwilling to come down alone and me about 8 months pregnant with Emily…Climbing up to the first stage was ok, but the second and part and the third were absurd…Small openings where I had to literally heave my middle, soon to be delivered Miss Emily, through the opening before the rest of me sort of. NIGHTMARE! At dusk when there was NO ONE there of a normal size to assist. On the other hand, I am thankful there was no YouTube then or cell phone cameras…… - Mom

I actually joined a group on Facebook called "Save the Heights Rocketship!" I'd like to think I did my small part. ;)

This is my favorite part of the article: "Much of the equipment presents serious dangers, including head entrapment, impalement and entanglement hazards. In addition, the equipment doesn't meet Americans with Disabilities Act requirements."

Hahahaha! Head entrapment!

Whatever. Kids today — with their non-death-trap playgrounds. Pshhh. :P

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