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Monday, December 01, 2008

A Guide to Lacy on the Web

So, I'm on the web a lot. A LOT, a lot. More than I probably should be. But there are a lot of places to keep up with my various interests and what I'm doing, and I thought I should create a handy-dandy list for anyone who is interested.

First and foremost, this blog is best for you, my family and friends, who want to keep up with me. This is where I post personal stuff about my life, my travels, my work, my photos, etc. If you fall into the category of family and or friends, never fear! You are in the right place. This blog's for you!

If, however, you are interested in what else I'm doing, here's where to look:

  • Swurl – The Web According to Lacy – OK, so this is the mac daddy of them all. This nifty little service aggregates (almost) everything I do online. Not only will you be able to see blog posts, photos and links to interesting stuff, like you can here, you will also see what movies I'm watching from Netflix, what stuff I've added to my Amazon wish list, and all my mini updates from Twitter and Facebook. The only thing NOT aggregated on this page is my livejournal, because it's not supported yet. But as soon as it is, I'll add it. If you want a quick overview look at what else I'm doing online, this is the place for you!

  • The Spiral Notebook – This is what I like to think of as my "professional" blog. I write here about my trials and travails with writing and review books that I've read. When I become a rich and famous author, this will be my website. Unless I make a better one. ;)

  • Lux Aeterna – This is my livejournal and as such, is mostly about fannish things — TV shows and movies I watch, books I read, etc. It's mostly a good way for me to keep in touch with my online friends. Anyone is welcome to read, just beware the rabid fangirls.

  • The Me Makeover – This blog started about a year ago as just a place for me to record my progress on my resolutions and goals, and it continues as such.

  • Photos on Flickr – This is my flickr page. All my flickr photos rotate in that cute little box on the right hand side of this page, and you can get there by clicking on any of them. But if you'd like to bookmark the main page, this is it.

  • Twitter – Twitter is a "micro-blogging" service, through which you can only make posts of 140 characters or fewer. Allison told me to get on Twitter, so I blame her for this, exclusively.

And that's it! OK, so it's a lot. And yes, I might have a problem. But I also have fun.

See you on the web!

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