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Friday, December 05, 2008

Las Cruces

I promised photos of Thanksgiving in Las Cruces and, more importantly, the bundle of adorableness that is my nephew!

Uncle and Nephew
Seth was immediately taken with his uncle Brandon. He shouted "UNCLE! UNCLE!" throughout the whole trip, wanting Brandon nearby, playing with him, or watching what he was doing at all times. It was pretty freaking adorable.

I was surprised at how well he did on the hike we took on Friday. He didn't complain much, and walked a lot of the way by himself. But he was a little too fascinated with rocks — of which there were MANY lining the path — and he really wasn't having any of the backpack/carrier his parents provided.

Lacy and Seth
He did, however, get pretty sleepy by the end, and he took a nap on my shoulder for a while until my arms gave out and I had to give him up to someone else to carry. He was pretty good at saying "Lacy" because his speech therapist's name was Lacy!

Overall, he is such a sweet, fun, happy boy! He's a joy to be around, and I know his parents and grandparents are so very, very proud.

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