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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Photos and Flickr!

Some of you will have received a message from me via inviting you to join the group Renner Wedding. The idea behind this flickr group is that everyone who attended and took pictures can join and share their pictures with everyone else -- including those who were unable to attend or who forgot their cameras in the hotel room. ;)

It's easy to join. Drop me a line if I haven't already sent you an invite, and I will do so. The email tells you how to join, and registering with the site is free! Then you can upload some of your pictures, and see the pictures that other people have uploaded. Anyone can view the photos, even if you don't have any to share. And from flickr, you can download, print, or save whatever pictures float your boat. It's like a community photo album with unlimited reprints!

Speaking of photos, I am slowly but surely organizing all our pictures from France on my flickr page. Everyone is welcome to browse it now, just be aware that there will be more information -- titles (as in, "Which church was that again?"), descriptions, etc. soon to follow.

In addition, our photographer is working on a very special site where everyone will be able to view our proofs and order prints. For now, you can visit his website (click on "wedding portfolio) for a very nice preview!

More to come soon, I promise!

And, on an entirely more sobering note, please pray for all of Texas and Louisiana, but my baby sister and her friends in particular who have stubbornly bravely decided to ride out Rita in College Station.

=D I love you, babe. I know you think we're all overreacting, and I hope and pray that you're right.

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