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Monday, October 24, 2005

Third time's a charm?

My car was broken into over the weekend. That makes three times in as many years.

For those of you just joining us, the first two times happened inside of six months while I was living in Santa Fe and working at the De Vargas Mall. One time they jimmied the lock and stole my stereo; the second time they just threw a very large chunk of concrete through my window, denting the door horribly in the process, but didn't actually steal anything.

This time, my car was parked in my parking space at our apartment complex. The passenger side lock was popped out of the door, the stereo was stolen and the entire console ripped out. They also, apparently stole my opener for the apartment complex and my parking card for my work parking structure. There was really nothing else in the car worth taking.

The police officer who wrote the report for us said it sounded like we were being targeted because our bikes had been stolen two weeks earlier from the same space. Brandon thinks that's probably likely because I park next to a wall and it's very secluded. No one (like the "courtesy patrol"?) could see anything going on in my space if they just looked down the aisle.

Brandon went to the office and demanded a new parking space, which we now have. He's also going to try to get them to lower our rent when we renew our lease this week, because honestly? This is ridiculous.


Anonymous said...

We are with you here in Lewisville. You never know what some people think when they destroy other peoples property. Usually, they have not worked for their own things, so they do not know what it is like to own something of worth. Things are just handed to them, so they are disposable. Or, perhaps they are jealous of everyone else who does have good things. It is difficult to know. M & J.

Lacy: Who Needs a Hat To Sing? said...

Yeah, it's sort of ridiculous. Brandon has been a thorn in the management's side since then, however, keeping track of all the security shortcomings he's noticed and reporting them. He talked them into lowering our rent as well, because he threatened to walk away from our lease. Probably nothing will come from it, but at least we have it on record that we've complained to them.