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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Wedding Photos -- The Ceremony

Our story so far...

So, Deacon Joan came and told us that it was time to go. She led all of us around to the front of the church where the mom's were ushered in by Brandon's brother-in-law Eric, and my uncle Steve.

Brandon, Poppy, and Father Dale walked into the church, which signaled that we were ready to go. Then it was time for the maids to go. We marched in to The Prince of Denmark March by Jeremiah Clarke.

Daddy and I came to the doorway, and everybody stood up. I don't remember very much except a)trying desperately not to cry, b)trying desperately not to trip, and c)trying desperately not to look at anybody.

The ceremony itself was fairly short and sweet. Brandon's sister Heather and my aunt Leslie gave our readings for us. My father DID remember to say "Her mother and I do," when asked who presents this woman. Other than that, all I clearly remember is realizing that Brandon kept looking over at me. I turned my head, our eyes met, and he squeezed my hand. It was all happy crying from then on out.

I think that photo was taken during the vows. I did manage, as you can see, to smile through my tears. =)

Though some people had a little more trouble... Everyone told me afterward what a beautiful and emotional wedding it was. In fact, our photographer told me he'd never seen a more emotional wedding. I took that as a compliment.

Father Dale was wonderful. He gave an excellent sermon, none of which I can remember, but I do remember that it set me off crying again. He was also very good about reminding us where to go and what to do. I can only imagine that he has had a lot of practice with couples barely even remembering their own names during their weddings.

And then, before it had barely begun, it was over. We were married! What a moment.

It's hard to explain what was going through our minds at that point. It's hard even to remember. It was a blur, a beautiful shifting slippery moment of joy that rushed by us so fast, even when we were trying desperately to catch hold. All we could do was smile, hold onto each other, and be swept away in it.

After taking our formal portraits in the church, Brandon and I got in the Jaguar he had rented for the occasion and headed out of town to the Inn at Sunrise Springs for our reception.

I'll leave the story here, for now, and pick up next time with the reception...


Anonymous said...

So what music did Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Renner walk out of the church to?

Lacy: Who Needs a Hat To Sing? said...

"Now Thank We All Our God" by J.S. Bach.