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Sunday, February 05, 2006

I got a new car! We've been looking for a car since before Christmas. I knew exactly what I wanted: a dark blue 2006 Civic LX. We were told by every dealership we visited that said car did not exist in the entire state of California.

Undeterred, my husband started emailing dealerships in Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, and Oregon to no avail. So, he called Honda corporate, and they gave him the name of a dealer that could order directly from Honda.

That dealer told him, "OK. If we order it, it'll take 2-3 months to get, so let me double and triple check first and make sure we can't get you one that's already built." We didn't have much hope.

On Friday, he called back. He told us that there was one -- EXACTLY what we wanted -- in Thousand Oaks and it would be here by Saturday and we would have to buy it on Saturday. We said great.

The only catch was, the money we were going to use to buy the car? Is in our ING account. And takes three to five days to transfer to our bank account. Hmm.

So! My mother and father agreed to lend us $15,000 until Monday so we could buy the car.

So, we did. I am EXTREMELY happy.

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Charlie said...

What was so weird about the one you wanted? The color?