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Friday, February 24, 2006

I've been having some VERY strange dreams lately.

For instance, two nights ago I woke up and told Brandon that I was very mad at him because he'd bought two new cars without telling me, and only as I said it did I realize that it was actually a dream. The jury is still out on whether or not he was actually even awake when I said it to him.

Then, last night, I dreamed I had a little yorkshire terrier that fit in a handbag, and I was taking him to the dog show, and I went up to my car (my new car) and there was somebody parked really close on the driver's side, and it looked like there were people inside the other car kissing. So, I decided to put the dog in on the passenger side and make a lot of noise so they would notice and go away, only, when I opened the passenger side door, I realized that they were actually trying to break into my car. I very calmly told them that they couldn't steal my car because they'd have to have the key with the chip in it or it wouldn't start (true!), but then they very calmly told me it was OK, because I had the key.

And then I realize that they all had two heads.

It was very disturbing.

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