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Monday, April 03, 2006

reading material

I go through a lot of women's magazines at work (for the jewelry ads -- I swear!) including bridal magazines, and I have a few thoughts.

1. They should not all arrive on the same day. When they arrive all on the same day and I forget to bring my handy-dandy canvas Trader Joe's shopping bag, it makes for complicated parking and walking into the office procedures.

2. JANE is very hard to read. From a design standpoint, it's probably the coolest, but only if you just want to look at the pictures. If you actually want any information, fuggetaboutit.

3. Marie Claire is definitely the stinkiest, and also one of the trashiest of the expensive magazines. (Last month's issue informed me that 70% of Costa Rican men have problems with premature ejaculation. WHY DO I CARE???? Are there so many Costa Ricans in my life that I should be concerned about this, even tangentially?)

4. Britany Spears keeps Us Weekly in print. (Yes, the boss lady gets Us Weekly. I don't read that one, but I can tell what side their bread is buttered on just from the covers.)

5. Vogue is too damned pretentious. It has articles that say things like, "Fabulous Spring Fashions for Every Budget!" and then, the cheapest thing they mention is an $85 pair of sunglasses. No thanks. Good photography, though.

6. I gravitate much more towards the self improvement type magazines like Shape and SELF. I like the health info mixed in with the fashion tips, and I appreciate that they espouse a healthy lifestyle as opposed to anorexia. I tend to steal those from the office for my personal use -- and then I bring them back! I swear!!!

7. I take Brandon the Automobile magazine and Robb Report any time they have a car issue.

8. I love bridal magazines. They were my secret little indulgence when I was engaged, (and maybe a bit before) and now I get to look at them all for FREE! Also? We were way ahead of our time. Callas are STILL in, purple is the hottest look of the season, it is totally chic to have your bridesmaids wear different dresses, and I still haven't seen a wedding dress I like more than mine. So there.

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