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Friday, March 31, 2006

getting back to my roots: free writing

(The original purpose of this blog was to have a place to put unfinished snippets of ideas I was working on. Here's one from my freewriting session in class on Wednesday night.)

Prompt: summer above please

In the summer, the skies above the houses on Mandarin Place took on a strange life of their own, glowing with an unearthly luminescence in the wee hours of dawn as though a host of heavenly watercolorists were splashing color onto the night in bold strokes of pink that faded to yellow that drifted into blue, and the clouds would wait in the wings wondering, "Please, when is it our turn to play?" Their turn would come when the decadent blue of afternoon would be blotted out by the raucous, rolling laughter of the thunderclouds as they wrestled overhead leaving mud puddles, umbrellas, and damp trouser cuffs in their wake; but before long, the gentle winds of evening would coax the clouds back to their den, their energy spent from playing, and the gentle evening breeze would clear away the last wisps, bringing with it the softly spicy scent of pine woods, the acrid tang of smoke from a warm chimney, and it would make a place for the stars, winking on and off in sleepy rhythm with the lamps switching on in the houses below.

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