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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

This Our House: Episode Four "Taming the Jungle"

Oh, so much yard work.

So. Much. Yard.


We managed to mow all six feet (six inches) of grass on the forty acres (one-third of an acre) of yard we have. Then we used our machete (clippers) to remove ten cords (a big pile) of dead wood from the trees and bushes.

Then we found a snake. No parentheses on that one. I was opening the composter that the previous owners left, trying to see if I could move it, and there's a sliding panel on the side, presumably so you can get to the good compost at the bottom.

Only when I slid it open, there was a snake.

I swore loudly and ran over to Brandon.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"You don't want to know," I said.

"Oh god. How big?"

Not that big really. Probably. I didn't see very much of it or very well. Brandon wouldn't go within ten feet of the composter without his weed whacker for defense. We didn't see it again.

But it could still be out there. Lurking.

Have some photos to distract you from that thought:

Poppies in the flagstones
Pretty poppies in the flagstones.

Lavender in the herb garden.

Herb Garden
Herb garden, all trimmed up, with the sage that plans to take over the world.

First Red Rose First Pink Rose
Our first roses.

Pretty Clematis, I think.

So, after mowing and clipping and pruning and yanking about a thousand thistles and other weeds (with about three thousand more to go), we called it a day in the yard when it started to get hot on Saturday and when it started to rain on Sunday. We moved into the house and we managed to FINISH the master bedroom. Thank goodness.

Master Bedroom
Look how happy he is to be done.

And, remember the weird closet of doom?

This is what it looks like now:
Master Closet

SOOOOOOOO much cleaner and better looking. WOO HOO!

So now, we're going to finish up the walk in closet (just needs a fresh coat of white) and move on to the small bedroom, which will be our office. And the first thing we need to tackle is...

Dino Wallpaper

...the dino wallpaper.

Stay tuned for the next episode, "Death of the Dinosaurs."

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