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Friday, July 08, 2005

gentlemen, start your crazy...

Just a quick update before the insanity starts.

I spent nine and a half hours at work yesterday. Three and a half of those hours were spent doing the following:
  • Buying tape and boxes at Staples
  • Dropping off movies (not mine) at Blockbuster
  • Picking up clothes at Forever 21 (again, not mine)
  • Picking up and dropping of dry cleaning (again... you get the picture)
  • Picking up the mail
  • Picking up the lease at the cool PCH offices that we're probably not going to take

I was also supposed to deposit a check, but I forgot to take it with me. *facepalm*

The rest of yesterday was spent looking for things that I didn't know existed, and packing. Lots and lots of packing. Today will consist of more packing, moving, and then lots and lots of unpacking (though, the unpacking probably won't happen until Monday when all the furniture gets to the new office).

We (and by we, I mean L. and F.) decided to take a temporary office space in Huntington Beach. Not ON Huntington Beach, though that would be awesome, but in the city. This is good because it means that I won't have to work out of L.'s house for two weeks while we wait to move into the PCH office space. It is less good because it is hella far from all those errands I listed above. Since L. is going to be out of town for most of the month, I probably won't have to do a lot of those, but I will have to pick up the mail.

Other than that... I don't know. Things are too crazy to really form a coherent opinion at this point. I can already tell that there are things that are going to be challenging (and really, that's the nicest word I could think of to put there -- so not challenging in a good personal growth sort of way). On the other hand, I'm so busy that I barely notice the time passing, there's always something to do, and I'm never bored.

Never a dull moment, as they say.

Also, L. insists on keeping her stash of cookies and chocolate in MY office. (She is TINY, by the way.) This does not bode well.


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