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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

yay for employment

New job is teh cool (at least, as compared with old job; still involves *work*, but what are you going to do?). We are getting kicked out of our current offices, and the new ones that they're looking at are RIGHT on the water in Newport Beach off PCH. Apparently, mine is the only office with a view of the water. *happy dances*

Also, small company = no more internet filters. Hurrah! I have access to email again. I cannot BELIEVE how much I missed it. *kisses email* Also? The USB ports on my computer actually work, hence my very cool flash drive actually works again. TRIPLE YAY!

(Not that I'm going to have as much down time here, but hey, it's the thought that counts.)

I'm hired here as an independant contractor. While this is bad for things like getting paid overtime and having to save to pay my own taxes, it is good because I ONLY work the hours I want to work, and I can up and leave to run errands or whatever whenever I want. Other cool thing is that one of my bosses has me running errands to Fashion Island for her ALL THE TIME. Fashion Island is cool. =D

Next week may be crazy as we are getting kicked out of our current offices and cannot move in to the future offices until the fifteenth. May be working from home.

Loving this job.



Anonymous said...

As you would say...TWIRLS!

Couldn't hapen to a better person.


Anonymous said...

HM??? Wondering if that is Herman Munster or Heart Man??