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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

hidden treasure

So, in my writing life, I'm in the habit of putting thoughts and ideas I don't want to lose down on note cards, especially when they pertain to a particular project I'm working on.

Well, over the weekend, I grabbed a stack of notecards from the pile in my desk and was busily making notes, when I turned one over and discovered that I had already written on it. Turning over a few more, I found four notecards in all that had ideas on them -- but the thing is, I have NO IDEA what they were about.

Here they are, in order, exactly as they appear:


Doctor with a lisp


Collections of books, music, movies don't mean anything b/c they can't provide her with meaning -- search for meaning


"I make a point not to apologize for other peoples' ignorance."


-she meets a boy - a musician - in the bookstore.

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