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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

So, not much going on in the land of Lacy. I sort of woke up today and realized that Thanksgiving is a week from tomorrow. That was a shocker. Some of you may remember where I was last Thanksgiving and I'm glad to say that this year my house will be a little fuller. A couple we know from choir is going to celebrate with us. I am increasingly amused by the fact that Carol and I have planned exactly which board games we're going to break out, but haven't even begun to discuss food. Oh yeah. Balderdash and Scrabble. We've got our priorities straight...

In other news, the NaNo is still kicking my butt, but less so. I started writing a plot summary when I got stymied on the actual writing, and that seems to be helping a bit. Oh well. Can't force it, or I might actually break something. Believe me; I was getting shooting pains every time I looked at it last week. ;)

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