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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

nanowrimo has begun!

So! It's started! I wrote and wrote this morning! Haven't got a word count yet because I was writing by hand, but I was writing hot, which felt really good.

Went to TWO NaNo real-life meet up events this weekend. Sunday was the kick off party which was tons of fun. We just sat around at this pizza place playing writing games and laughing and being very raucous. My kind of party. And yesterday was supposed to be a "planning" party, but only four people showed up, so it was kind of dull. I didn't stay for the whole thing. But it's pretty cool to meet some other insane writing people out there and they're going to continue having these meet ups every week during November, so maybe I'll go to a few more.

Anyway, feeling pretty good at the moment. I think we can pretty much expect that I will crash and burn at some point along the way, but that's OK. Pretty much par for the course.

I think from here on out I'll be doing NaNo updates on my St. Judes journal -- I mean, it's THERE, I may as well use it. I won't be posting the whole thing there, but I'm thinking of putting up daily dribbles if I write anything worth sharing. We shall see. There will, undoubtedly, be rants, however. ;)

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