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Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Cubicle Life For Me

So, the thing about going back to work after a month and a half of not working? You kind of forget what it's all about. The sitting still for eight hours a day, the constant staring at a computer screen, the realities of cube life, packing lunch and eating it at your desk.

On Tuesday (the first day of my new temp job), I wrenched a muscle in my neck while toweling my hair dry. It hurt like the dickens. I mean, really really bad. I couldn't turn my head to the left, which made merging on the freeway more exciting than usual. So, after a day of sitting in front of a computer in constant pain, I couldn't *believe* how tired I was.

Thankfully, the neck has gotten progressively better and the job, while kind of boring (proofreading) isn't bad and is going to last for at least another week. I have an interview for another job on Monday, but I'm not sure I want it; less money, longer commute, same task (proofreading), but we'll see.


Week number six in Colorado, and week number six of snow. But! Today, the snow is big, gorgeous flakes. It's so beautiful. I went out to collect the paper this morning, and stood there for a good five minutes just catching snowflakes and staring at them. They actually looked like the way you draw snowflakes! It was kind of amazing. Beautiful stuff, even if we are getting a little sick of it.

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