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Saturday, January 13, 2007

tea, burritos, and books

Boulder was big fun. On the way up, we stopped at the Celestial Seasonings factory, which was actually really cool! We got to see how they cut the herbs and sort them, and then got to watch them pack the teabags in boxes. We went in the room where they store the mint, and -- wow. That'll clear your sinuses.

Then we were starving, so we headed to downtown Boulder and stopped at Illegal Pete's, a cool burrito place right on the Pearl Street pedestrian mall with burritos bigger than my head.

The Pearl Street Mall is full of cool shops and BOOK STORES! The best is Boulder Book Store, which is a multi-level insane celebration of new and used books. It seems to be in an old house or hotel -- the fiction, for example, is in the West Ballroom. =D Lots of fun. And lots of bookstores! We found five in as many blocks, including The Beat Bookstore, a leftist bookstore, and a lesbian bookstore -- something for everybody!

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