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Monday, July 19, 2004

dream this morning

I was living in the apartments at CSF, or some very like them, and I was going up my stairs and I found my childhood teddy bear sitting outside the door of my apartment.  So I picked it up and went inside, and once I was inside, Allison came in the apartment and told me that I had left my laundry in the dryer and that now some guy had it, but she had rescued my bear for me.  And I said thanks, and that it was OK, because I hadn't put any of my underwear in that load.

Then my sister was there and we walked across the street to Richardson Square Mall and we were walking around there and she was telling me about her classes and how hard they were, and then I went back to my apartment, and Aaron was there and he was drunk because they were having a party downstairs and he wanted to show me these Polaroid pictures he had taken of his friend Trey (who, as far as I know, is a figment of my imagination) while he was drunk and how he didn't have any clothes on.  And I kept laughing and acting like it was funny, but I really just wanted to go to bed.  And then the party moved upstairs to my apartment and this girl I knew in high school, but wasn't really friends with, Carrie Williamson was there and this guy Trey and everybody ended up asleep on my bed except me, because I couldn't get comfortable with all these people all around me.

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