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Friday, July 16, 2004

random french phrase of the day

Allons au bal des pompiers.
Let's go to the fireman's dance.
That was on my French Phrase Calendar yesterday.  As usual, I had to ask myself how often the average French person would need such a phrase, and then I recalled a play -- I think it's by Ibsen -- that some friends and I performed a scene from for a French competition.  The play is called (in English) The Bald Soprano and, as far as I could tell, has nothing to do with either music or hair loss. 
The scene we performed revolved around two couples having dinner together, when the doorbell rings.  A fireman is at the door who quite politely asks if the couples have any fires which need to be put out.  He is very disheartened to hear that the couples have not even a candle which needs extinguishing.
There really wasn't any point to this story, but there really wasn't any point to the play either, so I suppose it fits.

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