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Thursday, February 24, 2005

random thoughts on a thursday

I remember...

...driving down the main street in Santa Fe past an orthodox Jewish man carrying a violin in a paper bag.

...listening to coyotes howling in the Jemez while being hugged by my boyfriend after we had been fighting.

...meeting half way between Los Alamos and Santa Fe at that laundromat in Pojaque called Jake's Dirty Shorts.

...lying on a picnic table at the edge of the Pecos Wilderness and shivering as I was dwarfed by the stars.

...watching lightening strike a tree outside my dorm room window, and being momentarily deafened by the thunder.

...singing in the old army barracks for a recital and getting a standing ovation of one.

...the vinegar smell of acetate and cellulose that is decomposing.

...the smell of darkroom chemicals and the strange red-orange light of the room as enlargers flicked on and off.

...the time we thought something had died under the bushes at the foot of our stairs, and later found out that the smell was actually just coming from the bush itself.

...sitting in a hot tub at 10,000 Waves in the dark while it snowed.

...the blue corn pancakes and pinon coffee at the Tesuque Village Market.

...hiking through the slot canyon at Tent Rocks on the Cochiti reservation.

...getting stuck in the mud near Jemez lake and wondering if we would ever get out.

...The Owl bar near Truth or Consequences and the green chili cheeseburger that set my mouth on fire.

...the Dairy Queen in Hatch with the best breakfast burritos I have ever tasted.

...the smell of chilis rosting in September.

...the farolitos and luminarios in the snow around the campus every year at christmas and carrolling across the quad as we waited for the tree lighting.

...the margaritas at Marias and telling my friends that I thought my forehead might be coming off.

...freezing our ASSES off walking to the Plaza Cafe for dinner and staying almost until it closed because we didn't want to walk back.


Anonymous said...

Hoyle! You sound a little homesick! Think you are suffering from NM sensory deprivation. Me too now that I read that lovely set of memories. Thanks for sharing with me....some of them are mine too. Makes me ready to move....That and two dozen details in my life...Love you sweet child - Mom

Lacy: Who Needs a Hat To Sing? said...

Heh. Maybe a bit. Just reminding myself that I have done some pretty cool things in my short life... Even if they didn't involve going to other countries or repelling down cliffs, or camping in the Australian outback. =)