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Monday, February 28, 2005

Top 5 reasons I don't like my job today:

1. It's Monday. I didn't really get a weekend (as I was at a writer's conference all weekend), so it doesn't feel as though it should be Monday. That's the WORST kind of Monday.

2. I sit near the phone room and something in there has been making an oscillating pulse tone noise ALL MORNING. All work and no play make lacy a dull girl... all work and no play make lacy a dull girl...

3. The fridge I keep my lunch in REEKS. Old fruit or something. Ye gods I'm glad it's not my job to keep that thing clean.

4. The Weirdo Coworker saw on my calendar that I was going to a writing conference, and has taken to asking me, "So, you published your book yet?" and other pointless questions. Really, if he winds up at the bottom of a lake at some point, I'm pleading justifiable homicide.

5. Kali made a bunch of all new icons for our collaborative fic project, but I can't see them here at work because of the stupid internet filters.


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