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Friday, May 20, 2005

random post of nothingness

So, the new (I assume he's new) vice president and business development officer for my company is here from Philadelphia this week. He made a point of going around to everyone's cube and introducing himself and handing everyone a card. He asked if I had a card. I do not. He was confused by this, but I chose not to explain.

Anyway, he reminds me of something out of Star Trek. He's bald, and whatever hair he might have had has been shaved off. He's small (short), and he walks around with his wireless phone ear piece attached to his ear. It's one of those bluetooth ones which looks kind of like a large external hearing aid. It's blue and black and has flashing lights and makes him look like a Borg.

I'm sorry, but it does.

He also has a funny name, which I will not be writing here. Sufice to say, it's funny.

Right now, someone is showing him how to use the copy machine behind me. They're explaining things like, "If you just have a single sheet, you can put it straight on the glass. And you don't have to close the lid." DUH! How do you get to be upper level management and not know how to use the BASIC functions on a copy machine? I mean, coallating and stapeling? Sure. I could see that. Different for every machine. But WTF??? I am going to hope that the person showing him is just *assuming* that he's a complete idiot, and not that he actually is one.

We move in about seven weeks. HR has started sending out periodic reminder emails saying, "Your assignment for today is to throw out anything you've been hanging on to for no reason. Do you really need that phone list from 1998?" Oy vey. I'm not sure I can handle seven weeks of that. Moving is going to suck.

* * *

In other news, I have discovered several new items from Trader Joe's which totally rock my world.

Low Carb Whole Wheat Bagels -- 1 pt for 1 bagel
TJ's Low Fat Whipped Cream Cheese -- 1 pt/tablespoon
Smuckers' Diet Grapefruit juice -- 1 pt/8 oz (only 25 calories per cup and sweetened with Splenda!)
TJ's Low Fat Marbled Tea Cake -- yum
TJ's 60% less fat Potato Chips -- 2 pts/serving (these are cool -- they're made in a kind of Japanese pressure cooker!)
FROZEN AVOCADOS -- Haven't tried these, but how cool is that? Guacamole any time you want!

For those of you who don't have access to a Trader Joe's, my sincerest sympathy goes out to you. For those of you who DO, you should tell me what your favorite Trader Joe's find is. There's one in Santa Fe now! Woo! They're heading East!

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