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Monday, March 06, 2006



(Hollywood, CA March 6, 2006) -- A newcomer to the Oscar suites circuit this year, Rhonda Faber Green Designs made a big splash with Oscar insiders at this year's Academy Awards. Kathleen "Bird" York, nominated for her song "In the Deep" from the film "Crash," wore Rhonda's Filigreen Double "S" diamond bracelet on the red carpet with her gorgeous copper gown. The following is a list of other movers and shakers seen on the red carpet -- and beyond! -- wearing Rhonda Faber Green:

  • Nancy Hult Ganis (wife of Academy president Sid Ganis): amethyst and diamond Perfect Pair earrings, a matching, one-of-a-kind diamond and amethyst necklace, and a five-strand diamond Ovallure bracelet.

  • Ah Young Lee (Richard Roeper's girlfriend): Filigreen diamond bracelet, large Filigreen Chandelier Earrings with white sapphires and diamonds and new pave diamond Filigreen ring.

  • Finola Hughes (Oscar TV coverage for E! and Good Morning America):

  • Stacey Gualandi (Inside Edition): Ovallure sapphire and diamond earrings and diamond Ovallure 6 strand bracelet.

  • Jamie Krell (E! and Style Networks): Filigreen fleur de lis diamond pendant on a pave diamond pendant holder.

  • Mary Murphy (TV Guide): diamond Lauren Heart Drop Earrings and Diamondot pave diamond necklaces.

  • Zorianna Kit (TV Guide): Yellow gold diamond and citrine Perfect Pear earrings.

  • Kate Linder (The Young and the Restless): Filigreen necklace and bracelet in pave diamonds.

  • Heidi Oringer (ABC News Radio, KABC): Lauren Heart Bracelet and the Ovallure Long Drop earrings in Platinum.

  • Brittany Galloway (Gospel singer): Diamondot necklace, Filigreen diamond heart pendant and criss-cross earrings.


Anonymous said...

What was Finola wearing?

Charlie said...

I'm confused. What am I missing?

Lacy: Who Needs a Hat To Sing? said...

Rhonda Faber Green is the client we were representing at the Oscar suites, and these are the people who ended up wearing her jewelry to the Oscars, and this is the press release I wrote to tell the press about it.