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Thursday, March 02, 2006

the long lost france photos

So, some of you may remember that we had some issues with some of our honeymoon photos. One of the rolls I turned into the photo lab turned out to be blank, and I was highly HIGHLY distressed about it, because I knew it shouldn't have been blank. I thought Target had lost the real photos (I mean, they did end up giving us the photos from some nice Mexican family's birthday party -- it wasn't a stretch).


In finally clearing out one of the bags I took to Paris a week or so ago, low and behold, I discovered a roll of film at the bottom. I sent it in to Snap Fish to be developed, and YAY! It was our missing Paris pictures! I am extremely excited about this and will be posting pictures soon. There is a simply cracking one of Brandon asleep on the couch in our Paris apartment.

1 comment:

Charlie said...

hooray! I love that...its the ultimate delayed gratification, the unintentional kind.
I watched the Oscars tonight, did you get to touch anyone sparkley?