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Sunday, March 12, 2006

i love my husband

I didn't mean to get him sick, honest.

But if he has to be sick, I'm sort of glad of the company.

I haven't been this ill in ages. It's rather disconcerting. I keep thinking I'm getting better and then... Like this morning for instance; I felt good, I got up, made some breakfast, which was nice, drank some coffee, cleaned up, made the bed, took a shower...

...and promptly had to go have a lie down for a bit. Wore me plumb out.

But I am getting better. I no longer believe that my head is actually going to explode, which is definitely a bonus. If you'd like an idea of what I was like at my worst, however, there is proof. Looking back, I'm not really sure that the medicine is to blame, cos I'm taking the same stuff now, and my grammar is much improved. Hmm.

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