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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Complaints department

I would like to return today and ask for a full refund pleaseandthankyou.

  • Oscilllating pulse tone coming from the phone room that gave me a headache yesterday and required the administration of two margaritas: still oscillating.
  • Project the boss man gave me yesterday with almost no explaination: still a mystery.
  • Elusive "Q" drive I am supposed to be granted access to: still inaccessable.


Anonymous said...

Boy do I hear that...Came to this blogspot to write you so that you can see it perhaps at work but then....really can't recallllll (musing) what I wassss going to say...must be the donut I should have skipped and I am sugar fried....Poppy off to Atlanta 3/6 but home for your event...Mom settling...Saw Lee last nite...Here on biz...Making reservations at SR Sprs and that was it: You might want to e-mail certain folks the SR Sprs stuff again...I am getting one room for WW and Gmom and another for G, M and E today I hope...Thinking you told me that you have room for Brandon and Poppy and another for you and Em and Ann and Allie....Is that right? Have you blocked another hotel and have you registered anywhere else? Two questions I am getting several times from various folks..No pressure - Just don't know the answers...Go get on with your work project and we can talk later - or I will check my e-mail and this blog...the later just because I like to see your work. Also, wonder why a comment I made to your SF memories recent bit isn't there.....Editorial rights or did I push the wrong button which of course begs the question why am I writing this to you here if I have no hope it will post? Smooches ma

Lacy: Who Needs a Hat To Sing? said...

FYI: I think your comment on the Santa Fe thing is still there... Unless you posted another one I didn't know about. But I haven't deleted any.