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Friday, March 11, 2005

confessions of a part-time bachelorette


I skivved off of work today. A bit. Just a bit.

I didn't feel so hot. That much is true. So I left. And I came home, had some lunch, and then decided to go shopping. I went to SO many stores, I about walked my feet off, but I finally found something I like to wear to the bridal shower next week. (NEXT WEEK! How exciting!!)

I had a scrambled egg and toast for dinner and then took a lavender bubble bath and exfoliated and gave myself a pedicure and all that good whatnot. And drank vast quantities of tea. And ate a couple of chocolate chip cookies I found hiding in the freezer (my best beloved must have had a cookie craving last night while I was at choir -- I'm guessing.)

Now, I'm lying in bed all exfoliated and moisturized and on my way to being devestatingly beautiful (don't hate me) and watching a DVD of Red Dwarf (or, more listening to, really) while messing about online and writing blogs.

Oh yeah, baby. This is the life. Can I just say, for the umpteen kajillionth time, how much I LOVE my laptop???

Tomorrow, the plan is to go to Trader Joe's for groceries (YAY!! We loves TJ's, Precious), get my hair cut, and then high tail it up to downtown LA to muck about in the fashion district for a bit and try to find pretty things for the wedding reception.

I've got to stay busy whilst my boy is out of town. Keeps me from missing him too much. Or thinking about the mayhem he's probably getting up to. (Free alcohol and grad students is really NOT a very good combination...)


Cali Girl said...

Hey, I have an idea of where you can go to pass some time until the Lobster gets back.
It's about 5 hours to the north...

Anonymous said...

I was wondering where those cookies had gone to! And here I was blaming the cat as ususal. HeHe!