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Monday, June 06, 2005

California dreamin'

OK. I'll admit it: Southern California does have a few good things going for it.

We met up with the Niriders this weekend and got to spend some quality time communing with some of the best that So Cal has to offer. That doesn't fall into the category of a theme park. =)

Saturday the Niriders needed a break after spending two and a half days at the happiest place on Earth, so we headed to Crystal Cove State Park. The morning started out cloudy and cool, but it was low tide and perfect tide pool exploring weather. I swear to you, I have never seen so many crabs in my life. =) A very nice lifeguard with nothing to do talked with us for a while and took a group photo, and some squirrels made us feel very welcome by coming right up and taking fruit and nuts directly from the kids' hands.

After Crystal Cove we went to the Shake Shake that Rebecca took me to -- litterally, a shack on the cliff overlooking the ocean which sells sandwhiches, hamburgers, hot dogs, and lots and lots of milkshakes.

With bellies full of turkey sandwhiches and oreo milkshakes, we decided to drive around a bit, take in some more of the scenery, and find another beach. We ended up at the Strand in Dana Point -- the beach which runs directly below the Ritz Carlton where we had our company party a few weeks ago. By this time the sun had made a good showing and the kids got brave enough to do a little body surfing, though not for too long as hypothermia began to set in. =)

A leisurely drive up Highway 1 brought us back to the apartment where we cleaned up and then headed over to Claim Jumper for dinner, a dozen or so rounds of hangman, and a Brownie Finale -- which fed all six of us quite easily.

Sunday the fam came to church with us, and the choir sang a rousing version of "Just a Closer Walk With Thee" which always makes me feel like we should have top hats and canes -- or, alternately, matching bow ties. But we must have done a good job of it because it earned us a spontanious "AMEN!" from someone in the congregation and a round of applause. It is an awfully fun song...

After church Brandon took his leave to get some work done on his final project, and the Niriders let me tag along with them to see the Queen Mary, which I had never done. The ship is ENORMOUS and terribly impressive, though not terribly easy to navigate. We had lunch in the Promenade Cafe overlooking the harbor and then wandered around exploring the ship. We never did find the World War Two exhibit Lee wanted to see, but we did do the Ghosts and Legends tour and went through the Russian submarine (it was only decomissioned in the mid nineties, and there were signs all around saying -- "This sub is still in working order: please do not operate controls!"). Elliot was kind enough to hold my hand and hide a lot through the Ghosts and Legends tour to make me feel braver. =)

Overall, a very fun weekend! Today, the Nirider clan was planning to head to San Diego and the world famous zoo before heading up to Santa Monica where they will stay for the rest of their trip.

And, as if I hadn't had enough fun for a few days, my friend Charlsa and her husband Kevin are in town. They're going to be on The Price is Right today! (They had an extra ticket, but since I was out sick last week, I couldn't quite justify playing hookey -- plus I would SUCK if I was told to "Come on down!") Anyway, we have plans to meet them for dinner tonight, and maybe -- just maybe! -- they'll drive up in....

A NEW CAR!!!!!!

*Price Is Right music and wild cheering*

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