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Thursday, June 30, 2005

It's my last day in the cube. It feels a little odd, to tell you the truth. Very few people here actually know I'm leaving, most of my friends have already left, and the one that is left already had lunch plans. So, my coworker E. and I are going to go have Thai food for lunch. He's a really nice guy and I feel bad for saddling him with the full IT load now. Oh well. I think he should take a page from my book and start looking for a job where he'll be appreciated.

I think I'm going to take off from here around two or three this afternoon and head on over to the PRG for some more training. Hopefully I won't have to stay until 8:30pm like last time. Tomorrow I do a full day there, as it is A.'s last day, and she will be able to walk me through a typical day.

Though, considering they will be moving next week, I doubt very seriously that I will have anything even vaguely ressembling a typical day for a while yet.

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Anonymous said...

Hows the car?