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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Hail the conquering hero

Brandon is on his last week of school. I knew he was getting excited when he went out and bought two bottles of champagne for his Friday lab meeting -- normally he takes a bag of store-bought cookies. =)

Commencement (which no amount of wife-to-be nagging would convince him he should attend) is Saturday, and yesterday he went to an awards ceremony where he received an award for his outstanding work as a Teacher's Assistant!

*polite applause*

And, it came with a $600 check attached to it.

*wild racous cheering*

This is mildly ironic, as I'm sure that Brandon's LEAST favorite aspect of attending graduate school was his stint as a TA. However, this is a fairly high honor; according to rumor, it hasn't been given to anyone in the Biotechnology department in something like ten years.

I am proud of my boy. =D Even if he did call his students "sprogs" more often than he actually addressed them by name...


Anonymous said...

Way to GO!

**this is an attaboy**

please pass on to future soninlaw from futuremominlaw

(Now that I think of the term,I believe I will refuse to be a MOTHER in law from this point forward..........)

Lacy: Who Needs a Hat To Sing? said...

What would you like to be referred to as instead?

Maybe just Wendy would do? =)

Anonymous said...

We already worked that that is the way to go =)) (smile with double chin) But there is something onerous about being a MOTHERINLAW! It's kinda like

Cali Girl said...


Chama Llama Champion AND graduate school grad!!!