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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Emily, you would love my new job.

Went to my first training session for my new job last night, and it went really well. (In the interests of keeping things relatively anonymous, I'm going to call the company PRG for PR Group from here on out.) I met with A., the girl I'm replacing, and she is very nice, very organized, and very eager to get out of there and on to her new job. Nothing about the job itself seems too difficult; it encompasses a lot of administrative duties like accounts payable and receivable, correspondence, filing, assembling press kits, mailings, and things like that. But, we also worked on one of L.'s articles for The Jewelry Book (a quarterly trade magazine), which was kind of fun. L. is very open to suggestions and several times said, "Just put something about..." meaning we got to make up what the paragraph actually said.

I'm really confident that I can do well in this job. They are so new that they haven't got many of their systems worked out yet. A. was still doing all of the invoices and such in Word instead of using accounting software, and their idea of a customer "database" is a list in an Excel document. Those aren't bad things; it just means that they're going to love me because I know how to do it better. =D

Also found out some of the perks. A. said that she has bought jewelry from some of the companies they represent for cost, and they have a huge box of swag from their recent trip to the Las Vegas trade show -- perfume for the women, leather wallets for the men, poker chips and cards (they represent the World Poker Tour or something), fancy catalogues and brag books... Cool stuff.

I'm really looking forward to the change in scenery. =)


Charlie said...

Totally unrelated and selfish comment:
If you see a LOVA leaf next time you're at IKEA, grab it! :D

Charlie said...

Oh and disregard the comment on the other post about explaining about your job, you already did so here, heh.