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Monday, December 20, 2004

conversation overheard

VP: Hey, cube neighbor! Your email isn't working!
Cube Neighbor: I know.
VP: I just sent you and email and it came back to me and said it's not working!!
Cube Neighbor: I know. I'm not set up for email yet.
VP: But I needed to send you an email!! When is it going to be working???
Cube Neighbor: I don't know. Whenever [the new company] sets me up on the network, I guess. What did you need to tell me?
VP: Oh, nothing. Email me when you get set up and I'll email it to you again.

*Lacy sighs*


Anonymous said...

How can you blog without....oh well....You must have internet access if you can blog and yet you cannot send web mail...? Just when I thought I was getting it...I don't......Ranks right up there with how the Japanese fan got access to business e-addres....MA

Anonymous said...

Hey mate

Just left you a message on livejournal, thought I'd put one on here too and see, which one would you prefer me to talk to you on?!!!

How's work going? I don't have a livejournal or a blog, do you think I should get one? To releive boredom? Maybe I'll get both. OOoooooooohhhh....

Don't let the new boss get you down! (Do you have a new boss?!!)


Lacy: Who Needs a Hat To Sing? said...

Hi Ma! No email. But I do have web access and can still blog, interestingly enough.

Lu, you're so sweet to come and entertain me!! I think you should DEFINITELY get a blog. Or an LJ. Whatever. There are lots of fan ficcers on LJ, which is why I got one. And you get icons, which rox my sox. I am actually considering getting a paid LJ account just so I can have more icons. It's a sickness. If you get a blog, I know how to put the nifty templates on. If you get an LJ, you're on your own. =D

No new boss, per se, unless you count the president of the company who is in New York, whom I will probably never meet. So that's good anyway.

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