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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

The Letter

I am reprinting part of this email with the permission of the author. =) He is a very nice 27 year old guy interested in Virgin Insanity. =)

Dear Lacy,

Nice to email you.
I am very sorry for my sudden and rude email.
I retrieve Virgin Insanity on Google,and happened to meet your blog !

Is your father Virgin Insanity's member ?
Wow ! that sounds great to me.
I am very surprised and very excited now !!

First of all,I loved the name Virgin Insanity.
Its name reminds me of Arthur Rimbaud's poem.

The music is very plain....but I feel special atmosphere in it.
Have you listened to your father's music ?

I think the reason Japanese love it is Virgin Insanity LP has "Wabi-Sabi".
It is very difficult for me to explain the meaning "Wabi-Sabi".
In my dictionary,the meaning is "mysterious profundity""austere refinement""quiet simplicity".
But the dictionary meaning doesn't go well with what I really want to tell you.
It is not enough.
Have you seen a drawing in India ink(suibouku-ga) ?
To me,the feeling when I see suiboku-ga is the same feeling as when I listen to Virgin Insanity.

If you would like,could you tell him ?

With my very best wishes,

1 comment:

Cali Girl said...

I feel cool just by association!
Your dad is the band's member!!