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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Curiouser and curiouser...

I just got this review, posted annonymously on one of the fan sites:
You have an exceptional vocabulary and you seem intent on using it all in thisstory. At time it seems you just like dropping large words for no purpose, e.x.isochronal malediction. I think the contrast with your use of the word wanker in
a previous chapter is terrible and you should concentrate on trying to get your
point across more succinctly.

My question is, did this person think that "wanker" or "isochronal malediction" was the better way to go? Which is more "succinct?" Also, isn't the whole point of making use of an advanced vocabulary that one be more succinct in chosing words that mean exactly what is meant? Am I wrong about that?

Maybe I should just go around saying "wanker" more.

(In my defense, the "isochronal malediction" bit was meant to be a joke, but whatever.)

This person goes on to say:
The idea of the Owl Post chapter of just letters was both original and novel, tome anyway, however I don't think it worked and I pray you don't try it again.Letter after letter became 'isochronally' mundane.

Not to nitpick, but how can it be "original," "novel," and "mundane" all at the same time? Maybe he/she is saying that the idea was original and novel but my treatment of it was mundane? That's actually pretty harsh... If I weren't so confused, I might be hurt...

Or not. =D

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