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Thursday, December 09, 2004

unnatural, I tell you

I am feeling almighty accomplished this morning. It is not yet 9:15 AM today, and already I have:

a) worked out
b) organized a list of holiday gifts, including who they are for, what they are, where to get them, and whether or not I have gotten them, wrapped them, shipped them, or packed them
c) ordered presents (online and over the phone) for five people on my list

DAMN! What has gotten into me? Who is this woman and what is she doing sitting in Lacy's chair?

I am entertaining thoughts of actually putting together a holiday notebook for next year where I can keep gift ideas, my list from this year (so I don't do any duplicates), recipes, etc.

I am about to print off an address list for my holiday cards to be addressed and mailed this weekend (God willing).

I have an ENVELOPE in my planner with all my receipts in it from my Christmas gifts.

Honestly, what have I been smoking, and how can I make sure I act like this on a more regular basis?????

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