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Wednesday, December 22, 2004 other news today

Brandon bought a car.

Well, not actually. But he put $500 down so that they would hold one for him -- in ALBUQUERQUE. That's right! His new Scion tC is waiting for him at a lot in Albuqerque. He will be picking it up/buying it when he's there visiting his parents next week, and then he will drive it home.

To California.

He claims he is going to leave Sunday morning and be at the airport to pick me up in it on Monday evening. I said he was crazy. Then he reminded me that he drove from Pullman, Washington to Santa Fe in a day and a half.


He's still crazy, just in a different way.


Anonymous said...

I think this Brandon character sounds like a wonderfull person that doesn't drive all crazy like or anything. I think you should worship him for the wonderous person that he is. You should be glad that you have such a carring, wonderfull, sweet, intelligent, hansome man. I don't even know this Brandon and I like him allready.
P.S. It would have taken him a day and a quarter if his car had not broken down out of cell phone range none the less. Not that I know him or anything.

Lacy: Who Needs a Hat To Sing? said...

Actually, Brandon IS a fabulous, handsome, funny, AND crazy guy. But I'm glad he's crazy, 'cause if he weren't he wouldn't be marrying me... =D

Wait a minute... Who is this???

Cali Girl said...

I've heard of this Brandon guy.
Somehow when I think of him, the mental picture of a lobster shows up... huh.

Drive like the wind, Brandon!
And keep the radar detector ON!!!!!!